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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Education/ Training:

B.A. Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign 

Civil and Domestic Mediator and Arbitrator- Henning Mediation & Arbitration Service, Inc. - Atlanta, GA




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Rebekah Ratliff is a native of Chicago, Illinois. A University of Illinois graduate, she is degreed in the discipline of Psychology. Ms. Ratliff is a credentialed former insurance professional with expertise in complex casualty claims loss matters. Rebekah spent 25 years as a Claims Professional, managing civil cases nationwide and as a global consultant in numerous areas including, but not limited to Products Liability, Trucking and Auto Liability, Medical Malpractice, Commercial Premises Liability, as well as Personal Injury/Wrongful Death. Rebekah evaluated and negotiated high exposure cases for top casualty carriers, with settlements totaling in the millions. Having supervised countless law firms and evaluated thousands of cases, Rebekah is masterful in navigating the negotiation process and remains committed to mediation as a first choice in dispute resolution. Rebekah provides mediation services exclusively through Henning Mediation & Arbitration Service, Inc. in Atlanta. She is registered with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution as a civil and domestic Mediator and Arbitrator and serves on the FINRA panel of Arbitrators. She offers strategic Case Evaluation and Consultation services to assist Plaintiff and Defense clients with early resolution. Ms. Ratliff is a nationally sought after Presenter and Panel Speaker in the legal and insurance industries and she has been recognized with various prestigious industry awards. Rebekah lives with her family in the Atlanta, GA area and operates internationally.

"I have known Rebekah Ratliff throughout all of her professional career. I know her to be diligent and organized in the way she manages any project for which she has responsibility. Rebekah is an honest intellectual. Her clients trust her because of her integrity. Rebekah Ratliff is blessed with excellent listening skills and brings professional patience that can lower stress levels in complex disputes. You will find her to exercise sound judgment in mediation matters that deserve settlement as opposed to the costs often associated with the wasteful processes of litigation. I strongly recommend that you give Capital City Mediations, LLC the opportunity to serve your needs for resolution." 

Leamon R. Sowell, Esq.

​Corporate Attorney - Michigan



  •  American Bar Association - Associate Member
  •  National Bar Association - Auxiliary Member
  •  Gate City Bar Association - Affiliate Member
  •  Atlanta Bar Association - Affiliate Member
  • ​ Georgia Assn of Black Women Attorneys - Associate Member
  • ​ International Career and Business Alliance (ICABA)
  • ​ National Minority Supplier Development Council (GA)
  • ​ Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)
  • ​ National Association of Women Owned Small Businesses
  •  National African American Insurance Association
  •  CLM (Claims Litigation Management Alliance)
  •  Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies
  • ​ Florida Academy of Professional Mediators
  •  FINRA Panel of Arbitrators
  • ​ Atlanta Black Chambers
  • ​ Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce
  • ​Atlanta Business League


"Rebekah is a professional with the expertise to evaluate and resolve complex matters. I have known Rebekah for almost 20 years. In that time, I have found her to have the personal and professional integrity essential to building and sustaining relationships. Her training in the evaluation and negotiation of casualty claims and coverage analysis enables her to assist clients by way of consultation. Rebekah has the unique talent to skillfully guide mediation clients to resolution, benefitting all sides.

She is a great person and a consummate professional."

Gene Kissane, Esq.

Defense Attorney - Florida


​"Rebekah is a case strategist with subject matter expertise in a variety of areas. She has managed more issues than most of us will ever see in our practice. Rebekah helped me settle a case for $2.5 million dollars pre-suit, by crafting points of leverage to use in negotiation. She knows things we don't even think about as lawyers. You need Rebekah to evaluate your cases."  

Marwan Porter, Esq.
Plaintiff Attorney - Florida

"Let Rebekah Ratliff evaluate your catastrophic and semi-catastrophic personal injury cases. 
I’ve been doing PI for over 22 years but I  definitely "sharpened my ax" with the one on one consultation. Rebekah Ratliff’s got over two decades experience in handling serious insurance claims for major insurance carriers. You might think you know a few things about PI law; you have no idea. Inbox her and see for yourself. Your clients will be glad you did."

J. Wyndal Gordon, Esq.

​Plaintiff Attorney - Maryland


"Rebekah works well and effortlessly with persons from different backgrounds. She is a patient listener and her purposeful leadership style makes her an excellent choice as a mediator. In any challenging situation, Rebekah is calm, collected, steady and impartial. She is well respected and highly regarded."

E. Tyron Brown, Esq.

Defense Attorney - Georgia 



​​“Rebekah has many years of experience in bringing disputes to resolution by using her discernment of people and situations, which is a skill not common to most. Rebekah has personal and professional integrity. Having known her for over 35 years, I can attest to her success in relationship building and negotiating, which is essential for someone in a business that requires trust. Her competency in case evaluation is an unquestionable benefit to parties participating in the mediation process. She has a keen and remarkable ability to identify and define the issues, recognize the strengths, weaknesses and interests of each party and bring both sides to amicable resolution.”

Liza S. Simmons, Esq.

State of Virginia - Office of the Attorney General 

"Rebekah has a unique agility to navigate between starch shirts and blue collars. Her humility joins with a keen discernment of people and their agendas to form a very effective work product.

​​Rebekah is also a shrewd legal negotiator. She knows the mediation process to dwarf many and understands the human condition in these circumstances, which surpasses the performance of most of her peers."

Hon. M. Gino Brogdon, Sr.
Mediator/ Arbitrator - Georgia


"As a solo practitioner, few things are more important than putting together the right team. The past few years, I have spent countless hours trying to place value on cases and over thinking  basic mediation points. Those days are OVER! After just one meeting and follow-up mediation consult, Rebekah Ratliff has made herself an invaluable expert consultant. I will never go to another mediation without her. Who knew there was an insurance expert who is willing to evaluate my cases, assist with my demand correspondence, and consult at mediation for the ABSOLUTE BEST OUTCOME! I have added Rebekah's third party services to my services contract for EVERY personal injury client. I never have to be alone again, and my clients understand her value from DAY ONE! She is THIS solo practitioner's BEST NEGOTIATING TOOL AND RESOURCE."

Faith Fox, Esq.

​Plaintiff Attorney - North Carolina

​​​Areas of  Expertise:

Personal Injury / Wrongful Death
Medical Malpractice

Commercial Premises Liability

Products Liability
Trucking and Automobile Liability
Professional Liability
Municipal Liability
Construction Liability

​Assisted Living and Nursing Home Facilities

​Domestic Relations





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